Video Production Work

In addition to my work as a freelance photographer I am also a full-time videographer & photographer at Meredith College. Here are some samples of my video work from there as well as previous work experiences I have had.

Meredith College Video Work

A few examples of my video production work that I have created at Meredith College.  See more samples of my work at

Strong Is

This was a piece I shot the majority of the footage for.  Original edits done by Horizon Productions.

RBG | One Generation

Strong Story | Abla Awadallah

A quick piece I created for social media highlights a quote from Ruth Bader Ginsburgs campus visit in 2019.  All the photos are mine.

A Strong Story about one a Grad Ed student.

Campaign Closing Video

Meredith College Visual Arts Tour

I produced this video project with Horizon Productions and shot the majority of footage in this piece.

This was a video that was created to give prospective students a sense of our art department at Meredith.  

Kate Renner | Growing Strong

Can Art

This video was a short explainer video I created to accompany an article in the Meredith Magazine profiling, Kate Renner.  I shot the majority of footage as well as the photos featured in this project.

This video project focused on an annual student competition, Can Art.  It was shot by myself and another staff videographer.  

Durham Public Schools Video Production Work

Before working at Meredith College I spent 7 years as the Durham Public Schools Video Technician.  In that role I filmed, wrote, edited & distributed video content for DPS Channel 4-TVStation. Photographed events & activities for distribution on-air, district publications & website. Additionally served as on-air talent for news stories & provide voice-overs on a variety of projects as well as managed and created content for the TV-Station.

Behind the Scenes at DPS Channel 4

Explorer Post 50

This piece was created by Artauro Productions, but this short video showcases a behind-the-scenes look at what I did in my role as the Video Technician during my time at Durham Public Schools.

This was a video I created for DPS Channel 4 that highlights the program Explorer Post 50.  I was an advisor for Explorer Post 50 from 2009 - 2014.